Apex Security Services is a limited Company having been incorporated in Kenya in 1985 and has been in operation for the last 30 years. The company was initially a medium sized investigation firm concentrating on fraud and commercial/accident investigations for Banks and Financial institutions and then branched off to offering guarding services. The company has since then grown tremendously in size in all aspects and is the largest indigenous Kenyan owned security company in East Africa.
Professional Association
Apex Security Services is a member of the Protective Security Industry Association (PS IA). PSIA is an association of major security companies in Kenya and is recognized and registered by the Government of Kenya.
PSIA is involved in the handling and management of emergencies like fires, natural calamities and attending to trauma related stress and injuries:- the aim being acting as an agent supporting the community and government agencies in times of need.
The directors are indigenous Kenyans who have wide professional experience in the security and corporate field which spans their entire adult life without a break.

The senior management comprises various professional cadres with wide ranging experiences in the corporate field, provincial administration, intelligence, military and police forces.

With over 30 years of experience

we deliver premium security solutions at the best prices
The company currently commands fourteen per cent (14%) market share of the commercial protective security industry in Kenya. We have opened branches in strategic towns to logistically cover our areas of operations.

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